An array of toolkits to improve your work with futures studies and help create quickly futures scenarios and trends compiled through AI prompt-powered skills

Analyze contents like a Future Studies Researcher

Analyze a URL content with a keen eye on potential macro trends, summarizing and extracting keywords from it.

used 114 times
Imagine future scenarios

Analyze a content with a keen eye on potential macro trends, like a Future Studies Researcher, and imagine a future scenario like a Sci-fi Author, connecting the information with a given topic.

used 86 times
Future Artifact Machine

Quickly generate futures artifacts with descriptive material and fictional backstory

used 70 times
Environmental Scanning

Identifying, analyzing, and monitoring external factors and trends to anticipate potential opportunities and risks

used 77 times
The Thing From The Future Generator

A creative tool that envisions and generates future things, stimulating innovation and forward-looking ideas

used 26 times
Day In The Future

Generate a routine day of your future self based on personal inputs

used 46 times
CLA- Causal Layered Analysis

Explore complex issues using Causal Layered Analysis (CLA) in a simulated environment for comprehensive insights and transformative solutions.

used 47 times

Imagine a future goal, then work backward, setting milestones to reach it. Planning from the future to the present.

used 70 times
Three Horizons Innovation

Analyzes current events, explores emerging opportunities, and speculates on future possibilities to assist in strategic planning and decision-making.

used 40 times
What If Generator

Quickly prototyping of futures scenarios through hypotheses starting with what if questions which broaden the possible insights during a foresight research

used 43 times
Futures Wheel

Analyze impacts with the Futures Wheel & STEEP. Explore consequences, prioritize, and develop strategies across social, technological, environmental, economic, and political domains.

used 39 times
Four Futures Scenarios

"Four Futures is a foresight skill that categorizes potential societal futures into Continuation, Limits & Discipline, Decline & Collapse, and Transformation, guiding strategic planning.

used 31 times
Master of Futures

Explore any speculative design format with design fiction skill. Craft captivating artifacts and narratives envisioning alternative futures, sparking thoughts and making the future tangible through artifacts

used 65 times